Sunday, August 8, 2010

I need an extra 12 hours a day.

Since my last year in high school I have strongly believed that every day should have an extra 12 hours. If I had an extra 12 hours a day I'd be able to get everything done, be able to go to work and have a good nights sleep. Right now I am running out of time for everything. Does that ever happen to you?

Work has finally settled down and although my degree is still pretty hectic I can now spend some time on my diploma (which was the whole reason I started this blog), a diploma of styling. My next assignment is about the history of fashion. We have to choose two current trends and decide where they came from. I've chose ballet flats for my first trend.

Did you know they were first a current trend back in the 16th century? They went out of date in the 17th and 18th due to the popularity of the high heel but it's so interesting seeing where these trends come from. The second trend is the one shoulder dress

Obviously a descendant of the toga. This one was quite easy. Have you ever had a look at where your fashion trend started? Wikipedia has quite a bit of information on trends and you can probably find out from there.

As I've written about a hundred times, I'm participating in the dear darlings pen pal projects and I just found out my letters are starting to arrive at peoples door steps!! Yay :). Anyway, there was another project that Melissa at Oh, My Darling was doing which actually ended about 3 days before found her blog so I couldn't join in and that's her surprise balls. You pack up a surprise ball and mail it filled with things to a person who Melissa teamed you up with. Devastated that I missed that opportunity, she's now giving away one that she has made up for someone!! I really want to win so here's the blog shout out and click here to see the competition and enter yourself.

I'm moving into my own apartment in January! My parents have just helped me buy the place. So I'm currently trying to find a nice place to get home ware items if anyone has good ideas. So far I have a tooth brush holder and a cutlery set. 6 months to get the rest. I'm also learning to cook as I don't think toast and cup-of-soup will sustain me. I have been following Baking Bites which has some nice simple recipes such as her cookies and cream scones Which I had a go at baking on the weekend. I ended up over cooking them a little but they were still pretty amazing!

Hope your having a lovely Monday :)


  1. Congrats on getting your own place! I actually really like thrift stores for things like dish sets (where else are you going to find 8 place settings for $8?) and that is where I got mine! As well as a butter dish, pyrex bowls and tea cups.

    I really love those flats you chose, they make me want flats, which I haven't been wearing at all lately. So cute!!

    Chic on the Cheap

  2. Thanks heaps! I've been looking in thrift stores actually, the cutlery set is for a 12 place setting and it was very cheap too!

    And I adore flats for day to day wear!

  3. Thanks for the blog shoutout!!