Saturday, July 31, 2010

Nerds and Freaks

For those of you that didn't know, I'm doing a science based degree at university, and it's our pubcrawl this month. I've been trying to decide what to wear, the theme is nerds and freaks.

When I heard freaks, I instantly thought of Rocky Horror Picture Show, I absolutely love this movie and have always wanted to dress up from it. I think this may be a good time to jump in and do it. I was thinking magenta. Mainly because then I wont have to buy a wig. I'll just tease my hair crazy. So I need that sort of maid look she has going on. f I buy an already made costume, it'll cost 100 dollars without postage and handling and thats from ebay. So anyone have any DIY ideas? Im thinking I could get a basic black dress and fix it up. Let me know! Or if you have any different ideas??

So this is my spending for Saturday afternoon. On Friday I got an award at work, this came wih a 50 dollar voucher for a shopping centre here. So of course I had to spend it. I decided to get some stockings for the dress I wore in the picture below. I absolutely hate stockings that come up to your crouch, I think they're uncomfortable and it's way too much of a hassel when you need to pee. Also I love pretty underwear and I don't want to cover it with silly stockings. So I went for these black stay ups. I also brought some white hold ups because I think they're amazingly pretty, white ones are so hard to come by AND I had a voucher so I wasn't spending my own money. Then I decided to buy white for the stockings AS well (not featured because I think I left them at his house.) So I spent 63 dollars. Damn.

I was leaving the shop feeling guilty about my 13 dollars over, when I saw that bag at a store, I had to have it. Shopping = fail. Lucky it's pay day this week.
So last night I went out to see my boyfriend's brother present his girlfriend to society. It was a lovely deb ball and both Ryan and Susan looked amazing. This is just a quick pictue of Aydan, his parents and I. My dress was mid thigh length and I wore the stockings shown above with them. Unfortunately I forgot to get a full lenth shot!

Just finished writing all 3 letters! Finally. Can't wait to send them onto my lovely pen pals who have some lovely blogs. Check out Taylor, Bethan and Kristi I can't wait to here from you guys. I'll be posting these tomorrow.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Spelling, sleep and stolen computers!

I've just stolen my boyfriends computer whilst he's in a lecture to post this quick blog before my horrible weekend. I'm currently surviving on 3 hours and 20 minutes sleep today, as work didn't finish till 3 last night and I had uni this morning. I'm a little bit pedantic about attendence so here I am.

Anyways! Firstly I want to apologise about my spelling and grammer on the last post!!! It was a little bit rushed and when I read over it last night I was shocked by how bad it actually was. Anyways, following on from a subject mentioned there. I got an email back from the lovely Melissa, with all my new pen pals in it! I can't wait to get started!! Exciting exciting :).

Oh and my outfit today! I really wanted to show a picture but I can't work this webcam at all. Apparently there's none on the computer when I search. Even though I can see it and it says 'digital camera' Oh wait! I just found the button! Okay the button doesn't work... I'll just take one another day. So my outfit, I picked up this loose singlet and put it on but then I felt horribly fat (Sleep deprived me is sooky) and decided to put on a vest and then ran out the house so I wasn't late. Now the problem with this is my singlet has lovely detailing all along the top in silver. And the vest has detailing on the two sides in gold!

Now I hope I am pulling this layering thing off, I think I may even like it but I'll definately need opinions when I finally get these photos up. I actually really love layering. I have a million layer-sort-of tops.

Anyone else agree?
Off to a lecture now :) See ya :).

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Pretty letters and denaturing DNA

So over the past couple of days I have been browsing a lot of different blogs and a couple I reccomend you check out is Oh, my darling and Kingdom of style who have very amusing and interesting blogs and I basically hang out for their every word each morning. Today I was very excited as Oh, my dear is actually starting up pen pals! I used to love doing pen pals and finding people in the kids magazines I used to buy when I was younger and writing to them!! It's so exciting getting pretty letters in the mail. I actually try to keep costant letters flowing between my best friend and I when I can. I also have all my cards dating back to when I was 10 years old :).

Abslutely love and adore this coffee stationary. Its so cute. I love coffee :).

This stationary is available from and is free to print off if you want a pretty peice of aper to write on. There are a few different designs to choose from as well!! I just started following her blog when I was looking for pictures to put into mine.

Before one of my lectures today my friend was telling me that whilst bored last night she went onto ebay and typed in funny science tshirts

This one 12.99 on ebay is amazing. As a science nerd I reccomend everyone get one of these tshirts even if it's just to sleep in.

So today wasn't very fashion orientated but I'm just so excited about everything else. Also my boyfriend just brought me a necklace of the georgieLove website which everyone should check out! It's an acorn and it is amazing!! Blogging over the weekend is going to be horrible over the weekend so sorry if I disapoint! I just thought I'd give you some advanced notice. Bye :)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Cloudy days, pale skin and carparks.

Today was the cloudiest day ever out with no sun at all, and although to most people this is a drag, I was excited because I could wear my lovelyshorts without the sun glaring backath people as it bounced off my legs. The only down side is that froze today. Worth it every time.

I decided today to go girly, and what better way to start then with a floral bow. My favourite bow of all time.

My pale legs and my lovely necklace which was on sale for $6 dollars from a local retail store.

This shirt is made out of the softest flowing material. Its so nice to touch, brought at the same retail shop as the necklace, it also fetures ruffled sleeves which don't look amazing on me however my jacket covers it nicely.All these pictures were taken before gym today and that is why I am in a carpark.

For something amazing, type in quirky on ebay, you come up with all these awesome earings and necklaces. As well as a few cute dresses. I personally purchased an amazing toothbrush holder which wasn't why I was on there (who needs windows office anyways?), pictures of that will be up soon.

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Corie Wright $30

B-Low the Belt $172

Alexis Bittar $150

Argh so sorry about the last blog. So tired that day, and to make it up to you I am going to show you an amazing site I found. DesignerSocial ( sells designer accessories, bages, totes, even falling whistles that have been cast off from photoshoots. They also buy designer items back and resell them if they're in good quality.

Personally I don't mind much about designer clothes due to my very little income however, I may pick something up through this website if anything I fall absolutely inlove with comes my way. If your into designer accessories, this is definately the website for you.

Saturday, July 24, 2010


Longest day at work everrr. I just thought I'd throw up a few pictures of things I am working towards. Such as these paperclip earings, only $9.99, Braclet $24.99 both found at
Definately worth checking out.

Friday, July 23, 2010

New computer :)

Okay so my computer died :( I've spent the last 5 days trying to find a replacement. Finally found this awesome Toshiba U500 which is working very, very well at the moment.

So since coming back I've spent the last few hours catching up on some of my favourite blogs. Got all of my lovely uni stuff sorted out for next week and now I am about to read my 42 page tutorial. So excited about this.

So I've been contemplating what to write about on here. I can't upload any pictures at the moment because my boyfriend has stolen my camera for his business. So I'll just upload some off the web. Looking forward to tomorrow. The races here, although I am working so my outfit will be very boring, there is promise of beautiful dresses, head peices and I'm hoping hats. Although from what is left at the shopd from what I saw today, tomorrow will be amazing. I doubt I will be able to get pictures whilst working but I will try and find some online!

Absolutely loving lepard print and looking forward to Spring/Summer to bring this trend right back out. This picture is taken from Dolce & Gabbana 2010 line. Cowgirl look with a bit of spice. Another trend I am looking forward to exploiting through summer is stripes. The dress pictured is by the eco-fashion brand Mociun, which is featured at Check out the stripy swim suit as well!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dead mouse :(

My mouse has died!
This post is being updated rather awkwardly so bare with me...

Today I was called into work. Where I was cleaning up and over heard this absolutely stunning girl (who had amazing heels on that had a rose printed on a white/cream background) telling everyone that she was engaged after only 3 months! I've been with my boyfriend for 10 months and although we've talked about some sort of "next step" it wont happen for a while now. She simply stated that they wont be getting married for a year.
Weird huh?

Anyways my obsessions for today are Lipton Chai Lattes :) especially vanilla ones. I have heard chai lattes described to taste like a cinnamon bun with milk, I definately agree. I reccomend anyone who loves spices to try these. However if your someone that has to have food only one colour and doesn't like different things on the plate even touching eachother, best to stay away. Even the smell of this tea is like a bundle of spices. Keeeep drinking after the first sip. YES it's weird, but you'll like it.

Also loving knitted wear! Was wearing a lovely knitted vest today which I purchaced from woolworthes... In South Africa! Makes it a little more special then if I purchaced it here. Check out the picture of the house made out of knitted patch work! Also a vest, very similar to mine and this gorgeous knitted dress which shows a little too much, very in this winder, be sure to wear something warm underneath.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A rose by any other name...

Roses roses roses!
Obsessed with the giant silver roses that are showing up every where at the moment. Recently brought a silver ring from prouds ($49) and it is the most amazing thing ever. Brightens up my day. Also very into dark puple, little summer aspects this winter.
Loving this rose necklace!
Belong Jewellery - Draw me a rose necklace (34.95 pounds)