Sunday, August 8, 2010

About a million outfits on my mind.

I've been sitting at uni on the internet all afternoon because my internet is driving me crazy at the moment so I've been checking out a lot of stuff online. I also wanted to show you one of my projects for my styling course and I wanted to show you my OTT outfit of the day :).

So about 3 hours ago I talked about my history assignment. I finished that and swapped the one shoulder dress for shoulder pads, mainly because I love shoulder pads way more.

My next assignment was to style a 'flat lay' outfit, which means laying an outfit on the ground and taking photos, there are a lot of tricks to this though. You need to sort of fill out areas otherwise the clothes look toooo flat. So this outfit actually has socks through out the legs, my biggest push up bra is in the top giving it a more rounded shape. I've also tucked it in around the under arms and waist to give it more shape and the belt helps that also. So when you see a flat lay in a magazine you now know how thats achieved!

My next trick was creating a pile of clothes, this is done a lot in catalogues. I piled up a few pairs of my jeans on top of some pillow cases that I'd sort of ruffled up to give some texture. The trick to this is making all the jeans seem almost equal in width, you have to fight gravity. The bottom is obviously going to look more squished then the top. I put DVDs in the folds of my jeans to creat an equal shape. The other problem I had (which was outlined in my tutorial) was the thickness of my jeans. I have some pretty thin jeans which needed extra DVDs to sit right.
Don't you love the birds on my back pocket of the jeans?

Today I braided my fringe

I'm not very good at it yet but I was sick of my fringe. I also wanted to show you my pretty ring!

2 dollars!! Also check out my shorts. I made them myself :). Sorry about the horrible angle btw. I was sitting in the library using my webcam.

My awesome African beads :). I love these. Also check out the ones below. Also African beads however they're glass. I'm loving pretty girly jewllery atm.

Anyways back to my study. Have a good night everyone :)

P.S. Check out She has given herself a spending limit of a dollar a day!! That'd be awesome and I'm currently thinking about doing it. Not for a year!! But at least until I go away at the end of November.

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