Friday, August 13, 2010

Home before midnight on a Friday!

Firstly I just want to say sorry because lately I have been very sooky. When I get sick I turn into a big sook and I just want the whole world to stop until I feel better. However it's really not that bad, I've just got to wait till Tuesday for the results :). This dog describes exactly how I'm feeling. Including the rugged up part. It's freezing here!

More exciting news is that work finished at 9.30 today. 9.30!!!! I am so happy to be home before midnight. I can get a goodnights sleep then start tomorrow bright and early :).

So I've spent the last few hours checking out some brand new blogs via links through the versatile blogger awards (see here) and who they've nominated ect. I've now got a much larger number of blogs to check out every morning. I just wanted to mention to Jocelyn at Inside BruCrew Life because of her amazing looking cupcakes that I am going to try and make tomorrow (pictures and my attempt at baking will be up tomorrow). You can see he recipe here.

Looks so so tasty! (I hope she doesn't mind me borrowing her picture!) I've been trying out different recipes as I'm going off to live by myself in January and I don't want to live on toast :/. If you know of any fun recipes let me know.
Here's some fun food I found on google.

Argh so yummy

This penguin is amazing!!

I'm in such a DIY mood these last couple of weeks. I might try and do something crafty soon. Watch this space :)

Hope you have an amazing weekend. Friday yay :) xx

PS. Hope you liked the pictures today. They were mostly off google images!


  1. Haha that dog pic is so cute. And penguin lunches! I wish I had the time, patience and talent to make things like that!

  2. I am so glad you liked the cupcakes!!!! They were a blast to create:-)