Monday, August 16, 2010

Cupcakes!! And a few different outfits :)

On Saturday I made those amazing cupcakes I was blogging about in the last post. They were soo good. They've all been eaten already. I had a bit of trouble translating the recipe from American to Australian. My stupidest moment was 'what is an oz?' (an ounce incase you didn't know) My grandmother laughed so hard at me. Another mix up was powdered sugar, here it's called icing sugar.. I think anyways. Thats what I used. I forgot the drinking chocolate too! I just didn't put it in my mix. So instead I spri nkled it on the top. I also definately did not have the artistic ablility to ice them amazingly, but let me just tell you they were delicious :).

Lately I've been growning my hair out, it used to be shoulder length. I asked the boy if he liked it now that it's getting longer and he replied 'It's the same to me, you always wear it up anyway.' So I am now wearing my hair down to get some use of this length.

While I'm showing you pictures of myself. Check out my dress from Sunday, isn't it pretty? I love and adore it.

And finally what do you think of my outfit today? I had a lot of lovely compliments on my dress today :). It's going to be my confidence booster outfit from now on.

Check out the detail at the front:

Anyways I hope you all had a lovely Monday! xx


  1. cupcakes!! can you give me the recipe, i suddenly have (rare) time on my hands and those look yum!

    the outfits are also very cute - i have a tie die maxi dress which i love, its so comfy and breezy, and i can see why the second one may be the confidence booster! everyone needs one of those!


  2. Your tie dye dress is really pretty, and your wavy hair is gorgeous, you should wear it down more often!

    Chic on the Cheap