Thursday, July 29, 2010

Spelling, sleep and stolen computers!

I've just stolen my boyfriends computer whilst he's in a lecture to post this quick blog before my horrible weekend. I'm currently surviving on 3 hours and 20 minutes sleep today, as work didn't finish till 3 last night and I had uni this morning. I'm a little bit pedantic about attendence so here I am.

Anyways! Firstly I want to apologise about my spelling and grammer on the last post!!! It was a little bit rushed and when I read over it last night I was shocked by how bad it actually was. Anyways, following on from a subject mentioned there. I got an email back from the lovely Melissa, with all my new pen pals in it! I can't wait to get started!! Exciting exciting :).

Oh and my outfit today! I really wanted to show a picture but I can't work this webcam at all. Apparently there's none on the computer when I search. Even though I can see it and it says 'digital camera' Oh wait! I just found the button! Okay the button doesn't work... I'll just take one another day. So my outfit, I picked up this loose singlet and put it on but then I felt horribly fat (Sleep deprived me is sooky) and decided to put on a vest and then ran out the house so I wasn't late. Now the problem with this is my singlet has lovely detailing all along the top in silver. And the vest has detailing on the two sides in gold!

Now I hope I am pulling this layering thing off, I think I may even like it but I'll definately need opinions when I finally get these photos up. I actually really love layering. I have a million layer-sort-of tops.

Anyone else agree?
Off to a lecture now :) See ya :).

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  1. I am visiting from O my Darling's blog!! I saw that you were involved in her Dear Darlings' penpal project, as am I :)

    xo Lynzy