Sunday, July 25, 2010


Corie Wright $30

B-Low the Belt $172

Alexis Bittar $150

Argh so sorry about the last blog. So tired that day, and to make it up to you I am going to show you an amazing site I found. DesignerSocial ( sells designer accessories, bages, totes, even falling whistles that have been cast off from photoshoots. They also buy designer items back and resell them if they're in good quality.

Personally I don't mind much about designer clothes due to my very little income however, I may pick something up through this website if anything I fall absolutely inlove with comes my way. If your into designer accessories, this is definately the website for you.


  1. tnx for sharing the designersocial link! I dind't know that and it's really amazing!