Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Cloudy days, pale skin and carparks.

Today was the cloudiest day ever out with no sun at all, and although to most people this is a drag, I was excited because I could wear my lovelyshorts without the sun glaring backath people as it bounced off my legs. The only down side is that froze today. Worth it every time.

I decided today to go girly, and what better way to start then with a floral bow. My favourite bow of all time.

My pale legs and my lovely necklace which was on sale for $6 dollars from a local retail store.

This shirt is made out of the softest flowing material. Its so nice to touch, brought at the same retail shop as the necklace, it also fetures ruffled sleeves which don't look amazing on me however my jacket covers it nicely.All these pictures were taken before gym today and that is why I am in a carpark.

For something amazing, type in quirky on ebay, you come up with all these awesome earings and necklaces. As well as a few cute dresses. I personally purchased an amazing toothbrush holder which wasn't why I was on there (who needs windows office anyways?), pictures of that will be up soon.


  1. The white top is beautiful, I love the drape and flow!

  2. Thanks! Its so nice to wear :).