Saturday, July 31, 2010

Nerds and Freaks

For those of you that didn't know, I'm doing a science based degree at university, and it's our pubcrawl this month. I've been trying to decide what to wear, the theme is nerds and freaks.

When I heard freaks, I instantly thought of Rocky Horror Picture Show, I absolutely love this movie and have always wanted to dress up from it. I think this may be a good time to jump in and do it. I was thinking magenta. Mainly because then I wont have to buy a wig. I'll just tease my hair crazy. So I need that sort of maid look she has going on. f I buy an already made costume, it'll cost 100 dollars without postage and handling and thats from ebay. So anyone have any DIY ideas? Im thinking I could get a basic black dress and fix it up. Let me know! Or if you have any different ideas??

So this is my spending for Saturday afternoon. On Friday I got an award at work, this came wih a 50 dollar voucher for a shopping centre here. So of course I had to spend it. I decided to get some stockings for the dress I wore in the picture below. I absolutely hate stockings that come up to your crouch, I think they're uncomfortable and it's way too much of a hassel when you need to pee. Also I love pretty underwear and I don't want to cover it with silly stockings. So I went for these black stay ups. I also brought some white hold ups because I think they're amazingly pretty, white ones are so hard to come by AND I had a voucher so I wasn't spending my own money. Then I decided to buy white for the stockings AS well (not featured because I think I left them at his house.) So I spent 63 dollars. Damn.

I was leaving the shop feeling guilty about my 13 dollars over, when I saw that bag at a store, I had to have it. Shopping = fail. Lucky it's pay day this week.
So last night I went out to see my boyfriend's brother present his girlfriend to society. It was a lovely deb ball and both Ryan and Susan looked amazing. This is just a quick pictue of Aydan, his parents and I. My dress was mid thigh length and I wore the stockings shown above with them. Unfortunately I forgot to get a full lenth shot!

Just finished writing all 3 letters! Finally. Can't wait to send them onto my lovely pen pals who have some lovely blogs. Check out Taylor, Bethan and Kristi I can't wait to here from you guys. I'll be posting these tomorrow.


  1. Oh hooray, a penpal shoutout! Also, that pubcrawl sounds very fun.

  2. What a great job that you have to get $50 for shopping!!! How fun! And it's okay, $13 isn't that bad. (I know.)

    You look so lovely in your dress, I love the layers of ruffles!

    Chic on the Cheap

  3. Oh, no! I have to get started writing. This will make it easier for me, though. I'll have something to respond to rather than having to start from scratch. :)

  4. oooo exciting! i can't wait to get some mail in the near future :) plus i will be taking a little trip to the post office tomorrow morning so soon a letter will be winging its way from the UK!