Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dead mouse :(

My mouse has died!
This post is being updated rather awkwardly so bare with me...

Today I was called into work. Where I was cleaning up and over heard this absolutely stunning girl (who had amazing heels on that had a rose printed on a white/cream background) telling everyone that she was engaged after only 3 months! I've been with my boyfriend for 10 months and although we've talked about some sort of "next step" it wont happen for a while now. She simply stated that they wont be getting married for a year.
Weird huh?

Anyways my obsessions for today are Lipton Chai Lattes :) especially vanilla ones. I have heard chai lattes described to taste like a cinnamon bun with milk, I definately agree. I reccomend anyone who loves spices to try these. However if your someone that has to have food only one colour and doesn't like different things on the plate even touching eachother, best to stay away. Even the smell of this tea is like a bundle of spices. Keeeep drinking after the first sip. YES it's weird, but you'll like it.

Also loving knitted wear! Was wearing a lovely knitted vest today which I purchaced from woolworthes... In South Africa! Makes it a little more special then if I purchaced it here. Check out the picture of the house made out of knitted patch work! Also a vest, very similar to mine and this gorgeous knitted dress which shows a little too much, very in this winder, be sure to wear something warm underneath.

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