Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Tomorrow I'm talking to our national accreditation officers for my degree to talk about the how the course is going and what changes need to be made. Although it's not really huge and there will be a number of different students from other stages in the course, I am a little bit nervous. So I am trying to find something that is smart for this but casual and practical enough for uni. (My university literally has bushland in the middle of it. It's also very hot and dusty atm)

Love the neck tie and shoes in this outfit

This collar!! (I'm pretty sure my outfit will resemble this one if anything.)

I love the necktie on this one as well! And her lovely hair!!

Yesterday I wore white shorts and spilt coke all over them (classy) so I doubt this will be my choice.

Lets hope I come up with something soooon!