Monday, September 6, 2010

My hair, oh my hair :)

Random fact for the day (I decided to make it hair related):
Hair is found on all regions of the body except our palms, soles of the feet, nipples and partts of the external genitalia. Hair consists of the shaft and the root, if the shaft is flat and ribbonlike in cross section then the hair is kinky. If it is oval, the hair is silky and wavey and lastly if it is perfectly round the hair tends to be straight and course.

I'd say some of mine would be oval and the majority would be flat and ribbonless argh. What about you?

Today I brought hot rollers and there's quite a story involved!!
I have been complaining since forever that my hair will not hold curls made with a GHD. I have a lot of fine, wavey but frizzy hair! It's impossible to do anything with. Straightening does not even last 2 hours. I am going to a ball on friday so I decided to just dive in and buy these hot rollers. I've had my hair done with them before and it looked amazing then.

I just tried, it didn't go quite as planned (my hair isn't quite as long as it used to be also I have a lot more layers through it) The back of my hair looks really long and the front looks bobish. I gave up and went off to do other things, about an hour I came back and the weight of my hair has brought the curls into the perfect place for me!! I am so over the moon about this hair style!! Pictures will be posted Friday after the ball so it's a suprise for my boyfriend :).

I also brought the most amazing mascara

Find it here.

Finally you should check out Halo by flourence and the machines. I absolutely love them :) and the cover of this song is amazing. Her voice is AMAZING.

Hope your day is amazing too!

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