Sunday, September 5, 2010

Hello pretties :)

How was your weekend? I have been working and now I'm trying to catch up on uni that I missed last week.

Randome fact for the day:
The nucleus in one of our cells contains 3.8 meters of DNA that is VERY highly condensed.

Wishing I could style my hair like this:

I'm going to a ball on Friday so I'm going to give it a go.

Currently dreaming about Paris fashion!!

Adore her jacket!! Also her shoes.

Dress and boots combo = love

I heart stockings so much!

Have a great night everyone :)
Pictures from google images :).


  1. love the last girls look in particular and hilary duffs hair is lovely!
    You have to go to the louvre when in paris and laduree for the macaroons!
    Jaymie x

  2. I will definately check it out!!! So excited :).

    Also I agree with the last look, it's effortless but so pulled together. I with I had hair as long as hers, curls would sit so much better